Our Vision

The moment we decided to breed Gypsy Vanners, we set out to produce the best we could produce. To accomplish that goal we invested in mares who exemplified the breed. With every breeding season, we carefully select stallions that compliment our mares in conformation, with potential athletic ability in mind. While we have remained small in production, we are extremely serious about the inherent responsibility of producing foals. Protection of the animal we fell in love with is also of upmost importance. We do our best to produce animals that will leave a positive contribution to the breed in looks, temperament, and ability.

Conformation is crucial, balanced conformation leads to balanced movement and an overall healthy animal. Vintage Vanners believes breed protection is only possible if the animals maintain a purpose. Through the years, we have had the honor of introducing the Gypsy Vanner to many people, they are always pleasantly surprised how athletic our beautiful horses are. We have painstakingly built our herd, selecting the stallions and mares best suited to producing foals that truly exemplify the Gypsy Vanner horse.

Vintage Vanners’ Foals Perform

The Tradition of Great Breeding Continues: